GAD - Greenwich Association of Disabled People


Dementia is a set of symptoms that include loss of memory, mood changes and problems with communication or reasoning.

Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia are the most common forms but in all cases are progressive.

We have many years expertise of working with people with dementia and will work with you to develop and modify services to meet your needs as dementia progresses.

Sometimes support will be of a practical nature, help with getting up, washing or dressing or perhaps help with meals, laundry and ironing. But it may be about going out to the shops, or a walk in the park or a visit to relatives or friends. We can also provide live in support.

Many people with dementia are looked after on a day to day basis by a spouse or other family member. But caring relatives need a break from time to time and this is where our ‘sitting service’ can help. On an arranged day each week we will come and take over the role - allowing the family member time to themselves.