GAD - Greenwich Association of Disabled People

Access to Work

GAD Support Workers provide assistance for disabled people in the workplace funded via the Jobcentre Plus Access to Work scheme or through direct employer funding.

Access to Work is a grant scheme from Jobcentre Plus that provides a range of products and services to enable disabled people to get into work and stay in work. Funding will cover equipment, travel to work or support workers.

Our Support Workers cover a range of roles from job aides or job coaches who would help the employee with the elements of the job that could be affected by their disability. More specialist support can include dyslexia support, mental health mentors and services supporting specific learning difficulties.

  • Job aide (to help with tasks that disability makes harder)
  • Job coach (to support integration into a role)
  • Travel buddy (to help with travelling to work)
  • Reader
  • Administrative Support Worker
  • Notetaker
  • Mental health mentor
  • Sign language Interpreter


Initial contact with Access to Work will establish if the employee qualifies for funding. Once basic eligibility has been established, Access to Work will assess requirements via a telephone assessment or where more complex disabilities may be involved the employee may be referred for a in-work assessment. At this point the employee/employer should inform Access to Work that they would like the Support Worker element to be provided by GAD.

Following this assessment Access to Work will confirm what equipment or support worker provision is suitable and confirm the amount of funding available to the employee to pay for these recommendations. This is confirmed in the form of an award letter which is passed to GAD to take responsibility for all elements of provision.

GAD handles all recruitment, employment and payment of the Support Worker, ongoing management of the service and recovery of funds from Access to Work.

On occasion where employees may not qualify for Access to Work, some organisations choose to fund support directly and GAD is able to provide a fully qualified specialist Support Worker.

In all cases our Support Workers are fully DBS checked, qualifications are checked, references sourced and are fully covered by our employers liability insurance.